About Diane Strickland

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Diane has invested in people all her life. She began doing one-on-one coaching with women like you in 2014, after many decades providing leadership and support to women at the crossroads of life. She accompanies partners through discovery trauma, managing symptoms, identifying risks, reviewing options, engaging legal processes, and even starting a new life. She knows the difficult path you are on because she has walked it herself.

An ordained minister for over thirty years, Diane’s spiritual agenda affirms and honors your life—heart, mind, body and spirit. She respects your beliefs without expecting you to share hers. Diane also provides trauma care in post-natural disaster settings. Whether recovering from a natural or unnatural disaster, Diane knows trauma and believes in her clients. She will challenge you to make your life a priority for safety and healing and show you how to do that in small steps and big ones. She will come alongside you for as long as it takes. Diane is patiently persistent about you and your precious life.

A strong critical thinker with a tender heart, Diane also has helped clients achieve better outcomes in mediation, custody processes and financial settlements by combining everything she knows about how these men operate with her training in contract negotiation and management.

There are losses and gains in recovery. Diane became a wiser steward of her core values and personal attributes. Ironically, this has made a wider generosity possible. Diane trusts herself again, and lives deeply with laughter and self-compassion. You can too.

Diane Strickland’s academic and professional qualifications: 

M.A., (Psycholinguistics)
M.Div. (Professional Degree for Ordained Ministry)
Certified Compassion Fatigue Specialist - Therapist