First Draft problems!

Apologies for the first draft of this week’s blog that was mailed out. I had a difficult week which always means my writing and proofreading suffers. Being able to write was one of the most catastrophic losses PTSD held for me, and the long fight back to being able to do something decent means it’s still a vulnerable spot for me. I have learned to forgive myself and keep going.

I have tried to correct the many errors, so please refresh the post page and enjoy a better read. I may not have gotten all of the mistakes yet, but by Wednesday I hope it’s all better! Thank you for respecting the effort I make with these posts, and understanding the self-love and acceptance that it requires to do this. I hope that by my public sharing of that ongoing struggle you may come to a place of kindness with your own struggle. Keep working at it. It does get better.

Diane Strickland