Myths About Wives and Partners of Sex Addicts

Myths About Wives and Partners of Sex Addicts


Dispelling Myths That Are Used Against Wives and Partners of Sex Addicts

The prevailing treatment model for men called sex addicts has contributed to the ongoing traumatization of wives and partners of these men through the creation of myths about those women---myths that are little more than gaslighting and blameshifting. As women fight trauma symptoms from discovery of their husband or boyfriend's secret life, they then must face the treatment model's practitioners berating them, accusing them, judging them, and mistreating them through the negative power of these perpetuated myths. In the midst of desperation, confusion, abuse, and heartache, these myths do further damage, even to the point of some women losing the will to live. I created this series to help women reframe reality with truth, information, facts, and their own wisdom about their lives. In each video I systematically exam a myth using research, logic, analysis, and positing another more likely conclusion that doesn't denigrate women or trivialize the abuse endured because of misogyny's relentless course.

The myths are: You CHOSE a Sex Addict, You Are TOO Angry, You LIKE Being a Victim, You Aren't INTERESTED in Sex.

The truths I propose are: that the sex addict chose you, your anger is a sign of your sanity, you don't like being a cooperative victim, and you were sexually abandoned by your sex addict. And those truths are the ones sex addicts and the prevailing treatment model want to keep hidden.

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