Mid-week Gotta Share~Encouragement

For two solid weeks I’ve held a macro lens to the wounds of our lives with men called sex addicts. First the abuse. Then the impact. It’s not been an easy two weeks, I know. You need some relief and encouragement. Let me assure that these last two posts have been important catalysts for some women who have told me that the simple but hard truth of “lists” was what made them realize they had to make their safety and healing a priority. I know it was hard to read. It also was hard to write. Hang in there. There’s a new life possible—which bring us to another post written by Tania Rochelle.

Her new website has a new address so let’s get that straight, first. It’s https://www.sweetwaterretreats.org/ So, the change is that it used to be .com and now it’s .org That’s where you’ll find all the info on retreats designed for wives and partners to learn what it means to be a priority because you will be treated like one! Tania also has a new blog post that shares the relief and simple security of sharing her life with someone whose worst offences are just irritations that remind us of our shared humanity. She writes about a life so unlike the one she lived with her man called a sex addict, in order to show us all again that we are not meant to lived in danger, in pain, in lies, and in constant turmoil. We are meant for joy and companionship and growing together. When you are ready to make your life a priority, it sorts a lot of things out. Happiness is possible. I’m going to pick up on this theme in a different way for this next week’s blog. You read those lists, and you deserve some practical picture of being whole again, and how you get there. Meanwhile here’s where you can read Tania’s blog https://www.sweetwaterretreats.org/blog !

with you still,


Diane Strickland