Priority One: Trauma-Aware Support for Wives and Partners of Men Called Sex Addicts. You are Safe Here.

help for wives and partners
of men called sex addicts

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Before Discovery—your wonderful, ordinary, and precious life

After Discovery—a free fall into the unknown

In the middle—a most intimate cruelty


You are: Devastated. Confused. Angry. Numb. Sleepless. Emptied Out. Sobbing. Afraid. Hurt. Isolated. Desperate. But others (including therapists)  don’t seem to “get it.” You are wondering who this man really is and how many more lies there are.

I understand. You aren’t crazy or codependent. You are having normal reactions to an event that is traumatizing you to the core. The treatment industry isn’t all that interested in you, though. It says you can have a marriage “better than ever before”. But “better than ever before” is a pretty low bar now you know how he used your marriage. You don’t want to aim for minimal expectations in your marriage or in your life. You want more.

“More” requires trauma care that makes you a priority. That begins with safety and compassion, and also includes accurate information, understanding, and experienced practical support. Recovering from a most intimate cruelty will require wisdom, patience and love from your healing companion. And a free fall into the unknown will require courage and hope.

My name is Diane Strickland, and that's exactly what I am offering.


Your Story Is Safe Here & You Are Safe Here

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Where to Begin?

When you take that first step to look after yourself you change the dynamics of this situation in a good way. You affirm the value of your life and build trust in yourself. I understand a first instinct is offer to look after him, but that is usually the worst thing you can do. Put your own oxygen mask on first! I created everything here for wives and partners of men called sex addicts, drawing my lived experience and my work with hundreds of women like us. Whether you want to start with the free videos, booking a trial session, ordering resources, reading my free weekly blog, or learning more about me and my approach--I created the things I wished I had when I was in your position. I created them all for you.


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