Priority One: Trauma-Aware Support for Wives and Partners of Men Called Sex Addicts. You are Safe Here.

counseling & coaching to hold you steady & help you heal

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**Purchase a One Hour
Trial Session**

Discount Price: $99 USD

Coaching and Counseling Services are conducted online through Skype or FaceTime. Clients are responsible for downloading their preferred software. You may be surprised how easily our personal connection is made online and how effective the format is. Bring your mug of tea and wear something comfortable. Clients have their session in their homes, their offices, their cars, coffee shops (with ear buds), etc. Flexibility and a sense of privacy are key! If you prefer a phone consultation, the call is initiated by you (my number provided after purchase) and any and all costs are absorbed by you, the client.

If you aren’t sure if online coaching is right for you—take advantage of the discounted One Time/One Hour Trial Session option that is mentioned above. Pick one or two topics to discuss (the hour goes quickly) and see how you feel about the process before purchasing a package of sessions.


Choose from the Following Options:

  $150 USD

(Regular Price)

$375 USD

(Extra Value @ $125 USD each hour)

$540 USD

(Extra Value @ $110 USD each hour)

$999 USD

(Best Value @ $99.90 USD each hour)

Canadian Clients—Please let me know who you are!  I provide extended session time in consideration of currency exchange rate.

In order to find the best appointment time, you will need to provide me with your time zone and any constraints on availability to be considered. Clients come from all over the world, and every effort is made to accommodate your needs. Please contact me at in order to make the appropriate arrangements. Payment of fees must happen BEFORE our appointment time. 

Missed appointments are not refundable.  Should there be unforeseen technical difficulties in initiating or completing an appointment, other arrangements will be offered without additional costs to the client, but no refunds will be made.