Mid-week Gotta Share--Florida Retreat for Partners! Isn't It Your Turn, By Now?

Licensed Counselor Tania Rochelle of Sweetwater Retreats is hosting her final partner retreat for the year in sunny Florida. Check it out here https://www.sweetwaterretreats.org/upcoming-retreats The dates are Oct 17-20, at a luxury location in Santa Rosa Beach. Or, check out her Facebook page Sweetwater Retreats for the information.

Meet other women facing the same pain and challenges that you are. Learn coping tools for your trauma symptoms. Ask the hard questions about what you can expect and what you handle. Take time to be with yourself and your feelings in a safe place with someone who truly understands and won’t shut you down. Over shared meals, stories and a few good belly laughs you will start to remember who you really are and why you need to honour your precious life in whatever decisions you choose.

Isn’t it your turn by now?


Diane Strickland