Something New, and Possibly for You! 


Wives and partners of men called sex addicts come from many countries, cultures and spiritual traditions. My clients know I don’t expect them to share my religious tradition. Nevertheless women reach out to me with spiritual questions and struggles that I understand. It may be the some of you would be interested in a resource I created and offer to general audiences called:

Unexpected Prayers for An Unexpected Life:
365 Daily Prayers With Wondering Questions.


For several years after dday, I continued to compose and offer prayers for and with my congregation in Sunday worship service. I prayed privately with parishioners in my office, their homes, hospitals, and other settings. But I could not pray about my own life. I tried everything, but there was nothing that worked. This was a PTSD symptom that wasn’t about a crisis of faith or speech terror (which I also experienced). It was a sign of how this trauma had fragmented my being and cut me off from my own resources.

The breakthrough came in an “unexpected” way some years after dday: I met someone that I never expected to meet. I felt love in a way I never expected to feel it. He wasn’t a church goer yet he was one of the truest and richest spirits I’d ever met. As we approached Christmas I struggled to imagine any gift I could give him. So, with just a few weeks left before Christmas I bought two beautiful blank books and I wrote a prayer for every day of the year. They were prayers I’d never prayed before in words and ways I’d never used before. I wrote the prayers for him, but they became prayers I prayed for myself. Giving and receiving love had made it possible for me to begin reconnecting me with myself. Everything about this was unexpected to me, but this time it was unexpectedly good.

For years afterwards, I continued to work on the prayers (because I had written 365 of them in two weeks). Then I added wondering questions. I tested them with readers and other writers and received feedback. I worked on them again. And again. And again. I realized I would always be working on them and I decided to make them available, anyway.

I write a little about this backstory in the preface to the collection, but to you, my fellow travellers on this hard road, I’ve shared more details.

If you click on the button you can see a promo video I did to introduce the collection, and on the same sales page you can scroll down a click on a preview file that has 5 or 6 six prayers for you to review. If this is something that could support you, then there it is. If it’s not for you, thank you for reading!