Wondering what on earth I discuss with clients?

The problem with our problem is that none of us start out knowing what the real questions are. We are so behind from the start and I don’t believe we ever catch up—partly because we never know if he ever tells us everything. Then, we are usually so fixated on his recovery that we get ambushed by the reality of what we actually need to know and need to know fast: like getting tested for STD’s/STI’s no matter WHAT he or his “team” says, how to manage day to day, why you would see a lawyer when you don’t plan on divorcing him, what to tell and who to tell, how to deal with children’s questions and what NOT to say to them, how to manage these weird and upsetting symptoms you start exhibiting, etc. The panic women feel often leads them to simply do what the treatment industry tells them to do, without asking if it’s in their best interests or the best interests of their children—or if the treatment will actually give you back the man you thought you had.

So, no blog this week, but check out my coaching page and see all the important topics you could be discussing with me.

It’s always great to meet you. Let me know when it’s time.


Diane Strickland