Mid-week Gotta Share~Retreats Just For YOU!

Tania Rochelle, MS LPC NCC (and most importantly—a guest blogger here!) has launched her website, https://www.sweetwaterretreats.org/ and her FB page Sweetwater Retreats. Of particular interest is that she is offering three retreats for wives and partners of sex addicts in three different locations. Registration is limited to eight. As well as being a licensed counsellor and teacher, Tania is a publisher writer who uses all her training to develop tools to treat our trauma symptoms. She is a great listener and will be there for you. Also, every participant will receive a follow-up session with me that is included in the retreat fees. Check out the dates and locations here: https://www.sweetwaterretreats.org/ Scroll down the homepage for retreat fees and dates.

You also might know Tania from Episode 2, Part 1 of PoSARC’s Survivor series. Lili Bee talks with Tania about her experience extricating herself from her life with a man called a sex addict (not once but twice!) and how she is enjoying a life of freedom now, as well as a new relationship that is positively different from the one she left behind. You can watch that video on http://www.posarc.com/ home page. Just scroll down past a few other videos and there it is!

Just think about it:

· women leaders who know what this experience is are creating a safe and caring environment for you

· the company of women like you who have their own stories that will overlap or sound like yours

· women preparing meals for you so that you can stay focussed on new friendships and new understandings

· opportunities to engage healing opportunities offered by skilled and trained practitioners

· feeling visible in this story as a real person whose life matters just as much as his.

· invitations to do guided work and activities that will help you begin to recover your ability to make good decisions

There was NOTHING like this for me nearly ten years ago. There was only the brutal indoctrination into identifying yourself as a co-sex addict/co-addict/codependent. Even now, partner intensives and retreats may not use that language, but the program hasn’t changed. It is addict-centered. You are not an equal player in the story. And you will be asked to “make do” in your primary relationship in ways that just aren’t right.

You deserve more: https://www.sweetwaterretreats.org/